Thursday, 22 April 2010

Sketchdump Apr 2010

I haven't been posting anything here for a very long time. So I thought i'd put an end to it by sharing some random character sketches from my sketchdump. Most of these have been done while developing characters for my comic strip 'Marcus and More'. I also have some glad news for you. My online strip Marcus will no longer be just an online strip. It will be appearing nationwide as a weekly/fortnightly strip on the saturday suppliment of "The Indian Express". I will be uploading the strips on my comic blog ( once they have appeared in the paper. Once again, thanks a heap for all the love and support, guys!
Random girls that "happened" during a life study session prior to developing the characters for my short fantasy "Jacque and Jill". You can read an excerpt from the story here (LINK)

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Captain Wolfberry

Yup he is the new Zid (If you happen to know who Zid is). You'll be seeing him in action soon on Marcus and More